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  • Deborah aka Tenacity Personal website Tenacity Peronal Website Link (info)
  • Nagged by doubts, try this site - please! Quack Watch (info)
  • Canines for (Disabled) Kids (info)
  • Take pain questions and concerns here for objective info (info)
  • You should also read the article on alternative medicine by James Gordon MD, Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine (info)
  • Shajila.org exploitation of marriage = passport into canada (info)
  • Neurosy.org can't beat this one for information on less common neurological disorders (info)
  • Four H: Healing Hands for Healing Hearts Support Groups (info)
  • Squeakys Pals (info)
  • Brine's Info Site (info)
  • National Ataxia Foundation (info)
  • have a website BC Ataxia Society (info)
  • have a website Huntington Society of Canada (info)
  • Ataxia classifications (info)
  • OPCA information (info)
  • Corticobasal ganglionic degeneration (CBD) (info)
  • Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) (info)
  • Pure Autonomic Failure (PAF) (info)
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (info)
  • vertigo-dizziness.com (info)
  • pain policy - adequate pain relief (info)
  • standing wheelchair info (info)
  • Pharmacy On Wheels (info)
  • Medical Checker (info)
  • Vancouver Courier: Community Links. (info)
  • alt.support.ataxia (nntp/usenet)
  • "Dying is a very dull, dreary affair, I urge you to have nothing whatever to do with it"
    Somerset Maughan
    Your purchases help me reach my goal of earning enough to buy back my independence, live with dignity once again.

    My dutch gifties (info) inspired by Delft Blue giftware designs and designed by aletta mes, proceeds t the artist

    AlettaPalettA at Cafepress a line of gifts using art, designed by aletta mes, proceeds support the artist (info)
    Kinderstuff on-line store a line of children's wear and gifts designed by aletta mes, proceeds support the artist (info)


    Now you've been here, do you want a funny t-shirt, coffee mug? just click on the links below

    cafepress "id" stuff store (info)proceeds help fund web site
    design by Glenn TerBorg
    B. C. Ataxia "Swag"- proceeds go to the  (info)
    BC Ataxia Society (info)
    PSPInformation.com (info) andNeurosy.org (info)
    Their websites have a list of companies that will share a portion of their profits with us when you use their links to order something over the Internet. There are over 500 companies represented. This is
    a costless way for you to provide some  support for these wonderful websites and their tireless efforts to raise awareness for these rare neurological diseases. Also a PSP Forum is available here.
    The products listed below have made my life so much easier, helping compensate for losses in dexterity and eyesight, I highly recommends them.  All are free to try and most are free or sponsored in perpetuity.

    Eudora - my email program, now has emoticons/smileys (info)

    Get Firefox!Opera -- Opera and Firefox, Web Browsers. (info)

    Irfanview's awesome graphics viewer/editor, even handles flash files, video, and animated gifs (info)

    The Gimp - amazing small graphics editor, installing is not for the squemish, but I'd be happy to email you through it, it has an animation plugin (info)

    AVG - wonderful virus checker, frequent updates very user friendly, there are some conflicts with some graphics cards, unfortunately when I upgraded mine I could no longer use AVG since I have dialup so.... (info)

    AntiVir (info) - also a free viruschecker and this one works with my current graphics card, as with AVG very user friendly

    ClockX (info) - a little marvel, this will sit on your desktop, remind you when you have appointments or need to take medication, and you can even change faces or design your own, I love this

    CrapCleaner (info) - does just that, efficiently, simply and quickly, leftover bits, and stuff that should not be there, keeping everything running smoothly

    CleanRam (info) - free memory manager scrubber, itsy bitsy marvel

    FTP Commander (info) - uploading made dummy proof, wow, another, itsy bitsy marvel


    Plugin (dir of /ftp/plugins) (info)

    comments always welcome at: my email box

    This site is undergoing some major renovations, please bear with me and come back often to check on the changes and new additions.  last updated 05/2005

    use the button on the left to make a donation, your patronage, however great or small is greatly appreciated.

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